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Re: [PDI] Some upcoming radio Friday March 18th, TV March 21st of interest, March 19th Anti-war event in Chicago

Hi Kathy,
It's been a while and it's great to make connections again, albeit under sad and troubling circumstances. What happened to your brother is brutally chilling. What people need to recognize is that anyone of us could fall victim to institutional violence or injustices. Need we be reminded of Guantanamo Bay, Private Bradley Manning, or Congressman Peter King's (R-NY) McCarthy-like hearings against U.S. Muslims? What happened to your brother is a glaring outrage in an era which is awash in outrages, and we have no other recourse but to demand justice for his sake as well as for ourselves. You have my personal support and I'm ready to be counted on your behalf. If you're planning any kind of protest, or phone call action please let me know. I'm sure that you're pursuing your legal options. I can't tell you how sick I am of what is happening all around us.

Indeed, how could anyone of us from the early days of DAWN forget the struggle to prevent another illegal and disastrous war in Iraq on top of the one we were already fighting in Afghanistan. History has proven us right. That becomes clearer and clearer each passing day and there's satisfaction in that. What is noticeably missing, however, is a complete lack of justice. It's a gnawing feeling which doesn't go away. Karl

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Gary Zidek of WDCB takes DAWN ( DuPage Against war Now) on a trip down memory
lane to March 2003- remembering our involvement in opposing the war in Iraq.
Listen Live on the web or the radio on Friday, March 18th:

WDCB 90.9 FM | Chicago's Jazz Station
both morning and evening broadcasts:
Daylight Edition 5am-6am
Final Edition- 6pm-6:30 pm
Listen live:<>

check for programming times:<>

For those who are interested in justice for those with special needs, the
elderly or anyone who is in a state-funded institution, please tune in to CBS
Channel 2 Dave Savini's special report on Monday. Some of you may know that my
brother, Paul, who was mentally disabled, was beaten in a group home downstate
and died of his injuries. He was beaten by staff. There will be two criminal
trials ( the staff involved confessed and are charged with murder ) and a civil
trial. Shawn Collins ( you may remember him from the Jeff and Sara FREE SPEECH
case) is representing my family in the civil matter.

I have so far told a handful of DAWN people about this matter, the details of
which are still unfolding. As time goes on this cause of protecting our most
vulnerable- the handicapped, the elderly, will be something that I plan on
advocating for. Legislation is already being drafted to prevent this type of
event from occurring again. Stay tuned for details. K

Anti-War March & Rally in Chicago
Saturday March 19th
Assemble at 12 noon at Michigan and Congress for an opening rally; at 1 pm,
March on Michigan Ave. to the Water Tower where there will be a closing rally.
For more info call 773-463-0311
For directions to assembly point click here<,+Chicago,+IL&aq=&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=30.268266,81.474609&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=S+Michigan+Ave+%26+E+Congress+Pkwy,+Chicago,+Cook,+Illinois+60605&z=16>

Outreach & Volunteer Schedule for Mar 19 Protest<>
Volunteers Needed, Click Here<>
Download Leaflet<> Make
an Important Donation<>

Join the ANSWER Contingent: From Egypt to Wisconsin, the people fight
Join the March 19 facebook page:!/event.php?eid=129641663770855<!/event.php?eid=129641663770855>

The people of the world are in motion. From Egypt to Bahrain, a wave of struggle
is sweeping the Arab world. Here, in the United States, hundreds of thousands of
working people are marching for union rights in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere.
Students are taking action to stop budget cuts and tuition hikes on campuses
throughout the country.

These events show that only the people have the power to make change. They also
prove once again that collective action matters. It is time for the anti-war
movement to take our message to the streets. March 19, the 8th anniversary of
the criminal "Shock and Awe" invasion of Iraq, will be an important step in the

On March 19, tens of thousands of people will demand an end to U.S. war and
military intervention abroad and funding for people's needs at home. Mass
demonstrations are planned in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles,
Chicago and many other cities across the United States and the world.

ANSWER Chicago is calling on everybody to come out into the streets, march with
others who are struggling for justice and be a part of a fight back movement!


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