Thursday, March 17, 2011

[PDI] Privatization: Government of the Corporations, By the Corporations, For the Corporations

PLEASE consider this question concerning the Wisconsin Rally last weekend:

While everyone listening to mainstream news heard that Michael Moore
gave a rousing speech (debatable IMO) who among you heard about Dennis
Kucinich's well received speech??? Then ask WHY??

Maybe because Kucinich laid all this privatization stuff on the table by
saying what economics prof Michel Chossudovsky predicted a couple years
ago - that the financial sector wants to buy out the REAL economy and
all its capabilities.Paralleling what Kucinich says in his speech
Chossudovsky writes in his book War and Globalization, quote:
"Ultimately control over national currency systems is the basis upon
which countries are colonized. The underlying objective of the United
States is to extend the dominion of the Federal Reserve System - namely
Wall Street- over a vast territory. . .Control over money creation and
credit is an integral part of the process of economic conquest, which in
turn is supported by . . .militarization."

Here's Kucinich's speech:

In that speech Kucinich mentions both his own experience with
privatization when "Boy Mayor of Cleveland" and also the recent screw
over of Michigan, which is yet another example of how the money power is
swiftly moving to seize control of local governments This bill was
signed today (March 17), and grants the governor the power to declare an
emergency and overrule anyone, any elected official, any township, city
or school and appoint an all-powerful "manager" or corporate firm who
can abrogate past laws and practices. Here is a 7 minute video on the
screwing of Michigan:

If we don't get a clue FAST, we're ALL screwed! Please join us for an
American Monetary Institute chapter meeting, Sunday March 27 at the
Cooperative Media Center, 1000 N. Milwaukee. FYI, we will be looking for
worker bees to forward this mother of all issues! Invitation to follow.

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