Friday, March 25, 2011

Re: [PDI] FW: [Progressive Illinois Voters] Says Judy Biggert > couldbe unseat...

> Wasn't Scott more or less a fill-in for the REAL DEAL? What happened
> to the fellow before Scott, i.e. the REAL DEAL. You know the fellow
> with a Polish accent or something, that was right on the money (so
> to speak) on NAFTA, etc, etc?

I think you're talking about Stan Jagla. Stan ran for Congress in
IL-6, not the same district in which Harper ran.

After losing rather badly in the primary in that election, Stan got
slated as the Democratic candidate for DuPage Clerk of the Circuit
Court. He did respectably well in that race, but still lost.

In the following election, he declared himself a candidate for US
Senate, at first running as a Democrat, then an independent, and then
as the candidate of the "Illinois Labor Party" which as far as I can
tell consisted solely of Stan himself. I don't think anybody really
saw him as being capable enough to make a serious run for the Senate.
He ended up unable to even file for the ballot, and hasn't been heard
from since.

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