Friday, March 20, 2009

Citizen's Utility Board Presentation Last Night...

Celia & Rebecca of the Illinois Citizen's Utility Board came out to the suburbs to give a presentation on CUB activities & programs, as well as energy efficiency measures last night.

A little background: I'm one of the two Co-Chairs of the Progressive Democrats of Illinois. ( ) I've held this position since 2005. CUB offered via e-mail to do a presentation at one of our monthly meetings, and I gladly accepted.

*It should be noted that CUB is a non-partisan organization*

The presentation given covered such topics as: CUB mediation services in utility billing disputes, telephone billing analysis and plan comparison assistance for both cell and landline services, the new IL law on net metering for home renewable power systems, federal and state credits and rebates for the installation of high-efficiency appliances and renewable energy systems, upcoming smart grid technologies and remote utility management programs for air conditioning systems, demand-rate billing programs, and home electronics power-management. There was more, and several hand-outs outlining these programs.

Additionally, CUB advised us that Illinois has adopted a Renwable Portfolio Standard of 10% by 2010, and 25% by 2025, and is moving to match CAFE standards in California for new vehicle sales in Illinois.

Highly impressive was the removal of system price caps on federal and state tax credits for renewable energy installations such as wind & solar.

All in all, energy and consumer-oriented policies in Illinois are growing up to face a new standard of fairness and sustainability. There is still much more to be done, but these programs represent a great leap forward.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to CUB and especially to Celia and Rebecca for making the trip out to spend the evening with us.

Dan Stafford

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