Sunday, March 01, 2009

Welcome to the SIP Global Trade Show

Mark your Calendars:

27 thru 30

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Let's save our planet!

The Global Green International Trade Show is the most exciting event of the year that focuses on environmental protection.

We are bringing together manufacturers, buyers, inventors and investors from around the world to one big celebratory event to usher in the new era of environmental protection that is about to begin. 

We are inviting the general public to attend for FREE with pre-ordered tickets that can be obtained by filling out our online form. Don't miss your chance to participate and learn about new technologies and ideas geared towards environmental protection.

This Trade Show breaks new ground with workshops and conferences, bringing various entities together in the fight to improve our environment. We are inviting educators, consumers, government representatives and other groups to interact and work toward a positive change. 

Please visit our website, sign up to our newsletter, reserve a booth, order free tickets, and learn more about this ground breaking event!

You can help us spread the word...

Download the file below (just click at the image to get the PDF) and send it to all your friends, co-workers and family members. You can freely print and distribute as many copies as you desire, or send it by e-mail to everyone you know...

You can also use our automated Send to a Friend tool at the Trade Show Web Site to simplify this task.

Your assistance is very important. The environment needs our help too!

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