Saturday, March 14, 2009

Re: [PDI] Banks scramble to return funds

"For Rothenberg, the banker in Century City, the prospect of unlimited
government intervention was too much.

Comment: Good thing the darn government wasn't meddling in banking the
last 8 years. Think of the mess we'd be in.

'The real issue was the clause that the government could change any of
the terms," he said. "It was so open-ended.'

Comment: Dude must have never been on the receiving end of a credit
card agreement. Imagine the other side saying it can change the rules
any time.

Of course the real indignity of the TARP funds is the specter of
accountability. The people are getting uppity, wanting to know what
goes on in the offices of their betters. Where is Dick Cheney when we
need him? Secrecy is for the rulers, transparency and suspicion for
the lowly subjects.

On Mar 14, 2009, at 9:16 PM, Daniel Stafford wrote:

> Banks scramble to return funds <,0,4358692.story?track=rss
> >
> Tainted money, now if they can just figure out how to give it back.
> L.A. Times

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