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[PDI] Fwd: Join Us: Single-Payer Health Care Reception in the Illinois Governor's Mansion

[I'll go to this if I can get off of work. Hope to see many of you there. -GK]

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Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 10:52:37 -0500 (EST)
From: "Quentin Young, Health Care for All Illinois"
Subject: Join Us: Single-Payer Health Care Reception in the Illinois
Governor's Mansion

Dear Health Care for All Illinois Members and Friends,

Exciting news! HCAI is pleased to announce that a coalition of groups
have converged to host a special single-payer Springfield Advocacy Day
on March 24 that will culminate in a reception and dinner for HB 311
sponsors and supporters with Gov. Pat Quinn at the Illinois Governor's
Mansion! That day, we will hold a statewide press conference on HB 311
("The Health Care for All Illinois Act") and the bill will be heard
and voted on in committee.

The day will begin with an afternoon statewide press conference from
the Illinois Capitol. Rep. Mary Flowers and representatives of
supporting organizations will make the case to the media that a
single-payer health system is the only solution for Illinois. We need
activists and supporters to attend this event with HB 311 and
single-payer signs to show the tremendous grassroots support to the

After the press conference, Rep. Flowers' Health Care Access Committee
will hold official on-the-record legislative hearings on HB 311.
Supporters are encouraged to attend; a few may be able to testify. We
expect that the bill will be voted on at the end of this hearing.

Health Care for All Illinois, the National Nurses Organizing
Committee, the American Medical Students' Association, Physicians for
a National Health Program, Champaign County Health Care Consumers and
a variety of other groups have joined forced to make this happen.
However, we need to have an accurate count of who will be joining us
in Springfield, so if you can make it please email

Following is a tentative schedule of the day's events. In preparation,
we're asking all single-payer supporters to take the following steps:

(1) Spread the word! This will be the biggest state single-payer
legislative activity of 2009. Please forward the announcement on to
your members and networks. A printable flyer is available here:

(2) Join with us! We are welcoming co-sponsor organizations for the
event. If your group would like to co-sponsor the Advocacy Day, email

(3) RSVP! We need to have an accurate count of people for the press
conference and especially for the reception. Please let your groups
and networks know that they should RSVP to if
they plan to come.

Single-Payer Health Care for All Illinois

Springfield Advocacy Day

March 24, 2009

Springfield, Illinois

Convened by

Rep. Mary Flowers

Health Care for All Illinois

National Nurses Organizing Committee

American Medical Students' Association

Tentative Agenda

Statewide Press Conference

Illinois Capitol Building

(w/ Rep. Mary Flowers and Sponsor Groups)

1:00 p.m.

Hearing of the Illinois House Health Care Committee

"The Health Care for All Illinois Act" (HB 311)

Testimony and Committee Vote on HB 311

3:00 p.m.

Health Care for All Reception and Dinner

Honoring the Sponsors and Supporters of HB 311

Illinois Governor's Mansion

6:00 p.m.

Cocktail Reception -- $10 / person

Dinner -- $35 / person

RSVP Required:

Chicago-Springfield Bus Transit Information

Activists with HCAI and the Illinois Single-Payer Coalition are in the
process of organizing a bus from Chicago to Springfield. A note from
organizer Guidi Weiss follows:

To all health care activists:

Travel with us to Springfield for Legislative Advocacy Day, March 24!

We can secure a motor coach if enough people sign on to make it
affordable. The cost of the bus is $1,381, plus a gratuity of 15-18%.
If we fill the bus (55 people), that's about $30 each.

The bus would leave from the Loop around 8 or 9 am, and would leave
Springfield around 9 pm. The timing accommodates people who want to
stay for the reception ($10?) and dinner ($35?) at the Governor's
mansion. But you also have the option to eat on your own.

We need to reserve the bus next week, so I'm trying to get a head
count of people who are quite sure they want to do this. It will work
only if we get a pretty full bus.

If you want to join us on the bus, please send your name, phone,
email, and first-born child to by Tuesday, March 10.

Giudi Weiss

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