Thursday, March 12, 2009

Re: [PDI] Dennis Kucinich describes One Simple Reform that will fixthe leading cause of world's ills

Geraldine Perry wrote:
> The monetarists that I follow are NOT agents of the system - nor are
> they paid a single red cent for what they do. In fact, many have been
> persecuted or worse. Byron Dale for example was beaten to a pulp and had
> his ranch confiscated for his efforts.

One might want to read the decision of the of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit on Dale's case. In the words of the court:

"Byron Dale [was] a South Dakota rancher who was indebted to the Production Credit Association (PCA) for some $400,000 arising out of loans provided by PCA to Dale. Under the terms of the loans, PCA could come onto Dale's property at a
reasonable time and inspect the secured collateral (cattle and calves) without trespassing. The record shows that after Dale was granted the loans, he began branding calves with a new brand and laundering them through his son's ranch, thereby
selling them free of the PCA lien. Dale also determined not to repay the loans in money but instead attempted in 1983 to tender a note payable in hay and silage. PCA rejected the tender and attempted to inspect the cattle. Dale refused to
allow PCA officials onto his ranch, stating that 'blood would run' before he would allow them on his property" (

Dale was also a defender of the "tax protester" Gordon Kahl, an anti-Semitic, "neo- Nazi warrior" against the US government, which he believed had been taken over by "Jews" ( Kahl "had stayed at the Dale ranch in
January of 1983; and Dale stated to federal officers who were looking for Kahl in late February of 1983 that he would hide Kahl at his ranch if he came there" ( This was after Kahl was allegedly involved in
the fatal shooting of two US Marshalls.

In other words, Dale is Ms. Perry's kind of "expert"--a crackpot and a defender of anti-Semites and fascists.


P.S. I will have no more to say on this subject. Ms. Perry, I'm sure, will come up with a tortured defense of Dale and Kahl; and debating that would be like debating a Holocaust denier or a member of the Flat Earth Society. I'm not going to
do it.

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