Tuesday, February 03, 2009

[PDI] Forum for Clean Elections on March 2nd in Evanston

Here is more information on the upcoming forum for Clean Elections on
March 2nd in Evanston.

Representative Julie Hamos, Paul Froehlich, and other Illinois state
representatives will be our honored speakers for a panel discussion
regarding alternatives to the business-as-usual way of funding elections
in Illinois.

The necessity for clean elections could not be more urgent, given the
current political play-to-play culture in our state. Without reform,
the environment for corruption will long outlast the 15 minutes of
fame surrounding the impeachment of Rod Blagojevich in the local and
national media.

Luckily, the Illinois Clean Elections Act has been sponsored again in
the Illinois House. If enacted it would allow candidates to
voluntarily seek smaller donations from citizens rather than relying
on corporate contributions or large donations in exchange for
political favors or contracts. Such public financing has been
available in Maine and Arizona for years.

During the last legislative session, the Illinois Clean Elections bill
was unable to get out of the rules committee. With growing support
from the Illinois public and the need to stem the tide of corruption,
we are hoping it will pass during this legislative session.

Please join us to discuss the future of election and campaign finance
reform in Illinois:

Evanston Public Library
1703 Orrington Ave.
Evanston, Illinois
March 2, 2009

6:30 PM Meet and greet
7:00 PM Clean elections video (PBS production)
7:20 PM Panel discussion
8:00 PM Question and answer
9:00 PM Refreshments off site (less than one block away)

We are hoping that you will attend and spread the word to your
members! This is a great opportunity to have state representatives
hear from you -- voters, constituents, and concerned citizens -- to
make positive
changes in Illinois governance.

Melisa Urda
Illinois Ballot Integrity Project
630 357-0744

To read more about Clean Elections please visit our website:


The forum is also sponsored by the Illinois Clean Elections
Foundation, and the Quick and Clean Foundation

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