Monday, February 16, 2009

[PDI] You're INVITED! Save the Date, Feb. 28th, 8PM

You're Invited:

WHAT: "The Encroaching Economic Police State" : presentation by
Geraldine Perry, author of The Two Faces of Money

WHEN: Saturday, February 28, 8PM

Lincoln Restaurant, $3 tuition plus $5 purchase required
4008 N. Lincoln Ave
For directions:

DESCRIPTION: Presentation will unveil the economic, legal and military
apparatus along with the tools which are fast creating the global
Economic Police State, taking the premise of Part I of The Two Faces of
Money a step further by describing in more detail the "sovereign power
structure that surrounds the Federal Reserve." All of this has been
taking place over a many generations as a direct result of our
collective failure to require Congress to exercise its Constitutional
duty to "coin (as in create) money and regulate the value thereof". The
presentation will be about an hour followed by a period for questions
and answers, then time for rebuttals.

Geraldine Perry is the author of The Two Faces of Money. Related
websites are: and See various pages at The Health
Advantage for relevant material on CODEX, the FTAA, NAU, etc and the
manner in which health freedoms are being usurped by the "money powers"

For additional meeting info CONTACT: Geraldine Perry, 708-460-5683 or

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