Friday, February 13, 2009

[PDI] Homeland Security and USDA Plan Attacks Against Animals with help of Monsanto and Illinois

Another horrifying example of grand theft economics --

BUT . . .

If you prefer not to be force fed GMO foods and "food" from cloned,
chemically laden animals - and you want more dots connecting the global
economic system you must read this (links to documentation included in


Many of you already know that Monsanto was involved in the development
of NAIS (National RFID identification system) which, to me, appears to
be the set up on the animal side, to do what Monsanto has done with
seeds - eliminate normal animals and substitute genetically engineered
animals. . . .

. . .NAIS is NSA-spying on steroids - imagine paying for the equipment
used to spy on you, yourself, having to keep it up, having to let the
government know in advance of every move your animals make (a trail
ride, for instance, your child bringing a pet chicken to school), and to
have to file paperwork within 24 hours afterwards or face penalties so
the second infraction if your chicken crosses the road and you fail to
report it on time, is $500,000.

. . . .NAIS is backed up by Homeland Security. Both are connected to
Monsanto and, as is typical of Monsanto, both are resulting in terror
for farmers. . . .Homeland Security regulations are in place to provide
the required destruction of normal animals and small farmers that
Monsanto needs for taking over with genetically engineered and patented
animals and making them the only option. This is happening in Asia
already with poultry as small farmers are being destroyed
<> for the
benefit of multinationals. Biotech companies are ready now to replace
all poultry in the world
<> with
their patented, thus privatized "bird flu-resistant" super chickens
. .

This is Obama's state.

Why is Monsanto so comfortable taking over there? Because Obama overrode
immense public objections and put in Vilsack, Monsanto's boy? It is time
to make him responsible for his agencies and stop this assault on
American farming.

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