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Thanks, Sally, for sending this out.


Please call today. The committee it scheduled to meet at 9am tomorrow.

We faxed information and?called all the members of this committee. Please call to add to the pressure. I hope we can get it out of committee.


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HB 178, the Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom bill, sponsored by Rep. Greg Harris (D-13 ), is pending in the House Youth and Family?Committee. A full text of the bill can be found at



Call the members of the committee and tell them to vote YES on HB 178. You do not need to be a resident of their district to call them for a bill in committee.


Please call these members and spread the word.




Chairperson :

Greg Harris???????????????????????BILL SPONSOR????????????????

Vice-Chairperson :

LaShawn??K.??Ford?????????? 217/782-5962???????????????????????????

Republican Spokesperson :

Mike Fortner?????????????????????217/782-1653


William D. Burns????????????? 217/782-2023


Michael P. McAuliffe??????? 217/782-8182


Al Riley??????????????????????????????217/558-1007


Dave Winters?????????????????? 217/782-0455

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