Thursday, February 26, 2009

[PDI] Still more proof that Lisa Madigan needs to be impeached.

Earlier, she has demonstrated
1.? an inability to control Joe Birkett as he violates the U.S. Constitution numerous times,
2.? failure to investigate why a drug dealer convicted and sentenced to seven years in DuPage County gou out in 7 months
3.? fag-bashing and police misconduct by DuPage "drug officers"
4.? Arguing in the U.S. Supreme Court?that the use of drug dogs at traffic stops was not an illegal search
5.? Arguing in front of the Illinois Supreme Court that they could oust Rod Blagojevich

and now,

What about retro-active laws being unconstitutional does she not understand?

We need to verify she really got a law degree, and not from Phoenix University.

?????? Bob
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