Sunday, February 01, 2009

[PDI] Top Russian Video

According to Google, one of the most-watched Internet videos is a documentary from Russia. Even if you don't understand Russian, as I don't, it is interesting to quickly scan through it to see what it is about. I had a friend look at it and he told me that it was in large part about Operation "Highjump," which was an invasion of Antarctica in 1947, right on the heels of WW2, led by Admiral Richard Byrd.
You can view this extremely popular Russian video here, and as I said, it is pretty interesting just to scan through it:
And here is a seemingly well-documented commentary on Operation Highjump, which is pretty amazing (the endings of Admirals Byrd and Forrestal (then Secretary of Defense,) are surprising):
If that is not enough, get the British, and maybe more amazing, version here:

"I have lost faith, godammit! I put my faith in the People and that was a mistake! This is a shit people! They get stolen blind by their politicians and they lick their boots. They send their kids off to die for somebody's business deal and they celebrate it like they're doing something heroic! This great and glorious people! Lazy sacks of junk food and jingo!"
From: "The Army of the Republic"  by Stuart Archer Cohen

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