Friday, February 20, 2009

[PDI] Fwd: [Citizen Action/Illinois] Health Care for America Now!

Healthcare availability has been a top concern of the PDI group based on the frequency of this topic in emails. Reading the email below it seemed to be something members of the PDI membership would be interested in.

It may not hit the single payer idea exactly "on the head" but this effort agrees with the need for everyone to have healthcare available to them. I know it is a compromise some people won't be happy with and this email will probably generate some discussion but at least we now have a focal point to move on to try and get everyone healthcare coverage.

Feel free to pass along this information.

Don Kirchenberg
630-853-7650 Mobile

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Subject: [Citizen Action/Illinois] 400 Calls Needed - Health Care for America Now!


Citizen Action/Illinois

National Call in Day for Health Care: February 24, 2009

Dear Don:

Please join Citizen Action/Illinois and Health Care for America Now! (HCAN) for our National Call-in Day on Tuesday, February 24.  This is a critical day of action that will help us keep health care reform a priority for Congress.

Here in Illinois, we need to deliver 400 phone calls to members of Congress, telling them that they can't be on the fence when it comes to our healt
h. 400 calls in one day will let them know that health care reform must be next!  400 calls will remind them that any health care plan must include a public option.  400 calls will let them know they can no longer side with the insurance companies.

On Tuesday, February 24, we need you to be 1 of 400 calls. 

Tuesday, call 1-888-436-8427
Go to
and click on "CALL" to access our easy-to-use internet tool


Sample Script for Calls to Congress:

I am calling to ask (Senator or Representative ______) to support health care reform that guarantees quality, affordable health care for everyone.  I want the choice of keeping my private health insurance plan or joining a public health insurance plan.

Please ask (Senator or Representative ______) to support for a guarantee of quality, affordable health care with a public option for all by signing onto the Obama / HCAN Principles for health care reform.  Thank you.


Thanks for all you do!

Lynda DeLaforgue & William McNary
Co-Directors, Citizen Action/Illinois

Health Care for America Now! is a nation-wide coalition of 700 organizations representing 30 million people.  We are calling for health care reform that guarantees:

Coverage you can afford

Comprehensive benefits you can count on

Choice of a private or public health insurance plan

Equal access to qual
ity care

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