Monday, February 23, 2009

[PDI] Help canvas for progressive candidate Tom Geoghegan in IL-5

Sorry about the previous post. I accidentally hit the "Send" button
before actually typing the message.

Tom Geoghegan has been endorsed by progressive Democratic groups
including PDA and DFA. The special election in his district, which
extends from central Chicago west to Maywood and vicinity, is March 3.
I'll be out canvassing for Geoghegan this week and I hope some of you
will too.

[From PDA-Chicago's endorsement text]

Geoghegan anchors his campaign around basic changes that will directly
benefit America's distressed middle class working people and students.
They are:

1. Strengthen Social Security to resemble a pension system large
enough to support basic retirement needs.

2. Provide a single-payer healthcare system, "everybody in, nobody
out." By taking pensions and health care costs out of the private
sector, Geoghegan argues, our manufacturing companies will be more
competitive globally. A single-payer plan will enable most Americans
to save more money over their working lives.

3. Give everyday Americans financial relief by enacting usury laws
that reduce credit card rates, halting foreclosures and declaring an
amnesty on student loans.

4. Stop blank-check bailouts to banks!

"This is a winnable race that will reset the direction of Obama's
change agenda," said Lorin Klugman, co-state coordinator. Obama won
the general election in large part because of the economic collapse.
With Geoghegan, we have the perfect candidate. The well-off folks on
the east side of the 5th Congressional District might not vote in a
special election. Elsewhere though, retired folks, unemployed folks,
folks whose family members are newly unemployed, and those just barely
hanging on will all support Geoghegan.

Geoghegan's victory will not only replace the arch corporate Democrat
(Emanuel) with a man David Sirota calls "one of the greatest
progressives alive today", but it will also send a message to Obama
that the people want REAL change. Let's get to work!

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