Thursday, February 12, 2009

[PDI] Power Grab at DuPage - Meeting Tuesday Feb 17th , please attend

Mark your calendar for Feb 17th!!
9:00 am ( check cod website to be sure on the time ) Room 2052 ( Boardroom, above cafeteria in SRC )
Be sure to read comments!
Daily Herald | Crowd watches College of DuPage candidates fight objections
from article...
"An estimated crowd reaching 100 turned out for the heated meeting. The majority supported the candidates and were critical of the two electoral boards' rules and procedures, which barred public comment.

In response, at one point, Atkinson called for order: "If this were a courtroom, everyone of you would be escorted from this room by a sheriff deputy."<>

Here's why we should all care about what's happening at College of DuPage, read on :
Power Grab at DuPage :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education's Source for News, Views and Jobs<>

The two electoral boards overseeing the process will meet again Tuesday, Feb. 17. A final decision is expected Tuesday, Feb. 24.
Although the time is not yet posted on the site, the last board meeting took place starting at 9:00 am.<>

Board policy regarding comment at meetings ( from COD website )

1. To encourage participation from District 502 citizens and College constituent groups, the Board will provide an opportunity for citizen and constituent input at all regular and special Board meetings and committee meetings of the Board, consistent with the current law.

2. A Board meeting is defined as a gathering of a majority of a quorum of a public body held for the purpose of discussing public business.

3. A committee of the Board is defined as a gathering of a majority of a quorum of the committee held for the purpose of discussing public business.
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